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CBB is a personal check book balancing utility for Unix/X. It was written by Curt L. Olson starting in 1994 with many contributions from others.

It is written entirely in Perl and Tcl/Tk so it is very portable and very extendable. It is a program for anyone who would like to balance their checkbook and manage their money using free software under Unix and X11. See more details at

I am a fan of CBB and I have been using it since 1997. Please don't let the fact that it's old, and will probably never have a new version dissuade you. This is still a great checkbook program.

As you can check the project stoped in Jun 2004. BUT, there is a bug in the 0.8.1 version: When I try (using TAB) to complete an entry I received the message. invalid command name "tkEntrySetCursor". After some tries I found out that this command was in the file /usr/local/lib/cbb/bindings.tcl. The solution was to add at the beggining of the file bindings.tcl a definition for tkEntrySetCursor. There are also some other minor problems. Details are here

For this reason I made this (UNNOFICIAL) patch based on Version 0.8.1.

  1. cbb V0.8.3.tgz (md5sum = in the file below) is the current patched version released in September 2017.
  2. cbb V0.8.2.tgz (md5sum = 926bfc8c0f80fd60b4be9715f2de2cbe) is the first patched version. It did not worked with Debian 9.1.
  3. cbb V0.8.1.tar.gz (md5sum= 7a435ef954c5c2ba209d34ca5fa5c3a7) is the last official version that worked (for me) is
  4. cbb-0.9.5b.tgz (md5sum= d07cf564cd2e5a197abf3319c195ccf8) was the last version released at the time. It was a beta version which did not work at all for me.
  5. Md5sum for all files. Test with md5sum -c md5sum-cbb.txt

To install CBB (see INSTALL file):

  1. Download the file.
  2. tar xzvf cbb-0.X.Y.tgz
  3. cd cbb-0.X.Y
  4. ./configure
  5. make
  6. make install (as root). Default location for the binary cbb is in /usr/local/bin
  7. Include cbb on your menu. If you are using XFCE copy the file cbb.desktop inside the directory XFCE to [your-home]/.local/share/applications

The default font now is Courier. But tou can edit ~.cbbrc.tcl and, following Ewen McNeill Blog, replace the default fonts by Tk standards fonts:

set cbb(msg_text_font) "TkIconFont"
set cbb(button_font) "TkCaptionFont"
set cbb(fixed_header_font) "TkFixedFont"
set cbb(fixed_font) "TkFixedFont"
set cbb(status_line_font) "TkMenuFont"
set cbb(menu_font) "TkMenuFont"
set cbb(dialog_font) "TkTextFont"
set cbb(default_font) "TkDefaultFont"

I hope the patch in this page is useful. If this was useful for you please send me an e-mail. If you know a better solution, please also contact me.

September 2017

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